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 I have  a few Jrock items for sale, mainly of the GazettE...are you interested?

1. I accept Paypal and concealed cash in US dollars...send the latter one at your own risk (I will not be responsible if cash is lost on transit, etc)

2. For Paypal purchases: you'll have to pay Paypal's fixed transaction fee of 3.9% + $0.30...don't buy from me if you don't plan to pay that fee ;]

3. I ship to anywhere in the world from the US of A. Shipping costs depends on where you are located and how many items you buy from me.  

4. So far I haven't had any item getting lost in the mail but, as a precaution, if you wish to have your item insured you'll have to pay extra. Keep in mind: I won't be responsible for lost items through the mail if you don't pay extra for insurance.

5. If you have any questions about any of the items, please comment here. I'll answer within 24 hours. Thanks! 

6. Comments will be screened.

7. Important: After you have received the items you bought, please leave me feedback--> HERE

Please click HEREto see my eBay feedback as a seller, if you wish :)

Shipping & handling costs for magazines/CD's:
 Within the US: $7 via USPS Priority Mail w/delivery confirmation tracking number (delivery in 2-3 days)
Outside the US: $13 via Priority Mail International (delivery in 6-10 days)

Shipping & handling costs for DVD's/Books/Miscellaneous items:
Please let me know your location and I'll calculate the shipping cost for you ;)

Shipping & handling costs for posters (Cost of poster tube is included in the price below):
Within the US:
$7 via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation tracking number (delivery in 2-3 days)
Outside the US: $9 via First Class Mail International (delivery in 10-14 days)

the GazettE CD's!Collapse )

the GazettE DVD's!Collapse )

Magazines featuring the GazettE!Collapse )

the GazettE posters!Collapse )

the GazettE miscellaneous items:Digiphotos/Photocards/Stickers/Pamphlets!Collapse )

Other Jrock bands ( cd's, dvd's, magazines, posters, etc..)Collapse )

Thanks for looking :)

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