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SHOXX vol.185 translation - Part 5 Kai

oguren   posted the translated parts of Reita & Ruki, HERE and HERE, respectively. I figured I should share the rest of the parts for those who hadn't read them before :3

Credit for the translation: Noriko 'Non-Non' Takeuchi


You know, I noticed when I looked at the big screen beside the stage at the two lives in Yoyogi, but Kai your arms are bigger than before.

 Yeah, I think that it is because of the tour. Only my upper body though.(laugh)

You didn’t work out but you trained by just doing live concerts.

 The muscles that I use when I play drums have grown rapidly. When I go back underground working I will loose a little, but it comes back again when I go on tour. 

 Around when did you feel your body change in this tour?

 I think that I noticed when I looked in the mirror at about [3] just before [4]. But I still am not using them completely.

 What do you mean?

 Just being strong is not enough when you play the drums. You can’t play well unless you have flexibility and good movement.

 Well if that is the case, you built up your muscles by playing the drums so I am sure that you have both.

 Yes. Fortunately I built myself up through playing the drums, so I don’t put extra or unneeded power into my playing. I don’t think that I will do any other training. I actually stopped doing training that I used to do.

 Not only your muscles, but also your form has become better, Kai.

 Really? I try to be conscious of that. But I’m still far from where I want to be. When I can move more beautifully, my movement looks rounder when I’m seen from far away. To do that, I will have to work on how I hit the drums more, I think.

 About your instruments, you changed the snare twice in [04]?

 I changed it twice, once in the live and once in the encore. In the live, I chose and hit a snare that I thought would help me express things more easily. In CALM ENVY, I wanted a sound where I could make nuances easier when I did drum rolls.

 While you needed delicate expression, your live also had a certain hardnessin CIRCLE OF SWINDLERandMOB 136 BARS, so I assume you needed strength there too.

 Ah, yes. (laugh) It did not feel hard as I was playing, but in the last five songs it felt like I was played in a match with fans.

 In the case of the GazettE lives, the audience can be quite tough.

 Even so, we can’t be beaten by fans. A band must be champion all the time. We have to defend the belt, always.(laugh)

 You win every time, and this tour was a long tour, I think. How was the final two day matches in Yoyogi?

 Honestly speaking, I didn’t feel the magnitude I expected. It was kind of like “ So it’s like this.” That I think was a bit of a discovery for me.

 So in a good way, it was a live where you had a bit of room.

 For me, I think it’s good to be able to send that feeling to the audience too. I think that there is simply a big difference between just playing in that place and being able to play there having that room to move, I think.

 I think that the audience got that. If they didn’t I don’t think that they would have enjoyed it so much.

 Yeah, they seemed to enjoy it. At least from the drum set that is how it looked anyway. And I am the only one that can see that.(laugh) It was really amazing. I was so moved that I could not express it in words. It wasn’t just like they were running high in a cheerful way. How can I describe it? They seemed sharp and a little bit dangerous. Yeah, kind of like that or that kind of mood.

Anyway, even the audience as far back in the 2nd balcony rampaged so much that it seemed as though they were going to fall off. In the arena, there were people who head banged too much, passed out and were carried away by staff.

 Yes, lives are dangerous places too. But I think it is okay for to be like that.

 Yes, they have dangers, yet you want them to be thrill and exciting too.

 Yes. But I don’t want people to come to our lives feeling like they are going to a theme park. I think that the audience are used to seeing live concerts that are ‘dangerous but very hot’. I always think of our lives like that. I heard staff talking on the radio in Yoyogi, asking for ambulances, but I think that that is all part of it really.

Of course, if it’s serious injury or something of the like, I think that is different, but fainting and things like that is really a matter of personal self control. Not only in live concerts, but basically all the time. I think that we can enjoy live concerts, going to your own personal limit but not crossing it. I think that is wonderful if you can do that.

 What’s more, the venue in Yoyogi had seats and was large, so realistically things like shortage of oxygen would hardly ever happen. So I think the audience did their best in their match with us. I thought it was great. We could do such a live in such a venue,I think that it has really given us some confidence.

 This was a long tour, 71 concerts. How do you think that you have changed mentally?

 Well…..before we started this tour, I was a little bit worried, personally.

 What about?

 It is hard to express in words. It was kind of like “Are we alright doing this?” I don’t know what the worry was and it has disappeared now. No matter how much we rehearsed it never went, until a certain time.

 When was that?

 It was when the first live started. I remember it well, even now, that moment when the SE sounded, I could hear the audience cheering, and the live started, it blew away all those doubts. And I was able to keep doing this tour in that condition, so it was very good, I think. So, in a way, my present mind is totally different from before we started the tour, but it is the same as when I finished the 1st live.

 So you were able to do the tour with more confidence.

 Yes. About my playing, if I compare the 1st live and the 71st live, the 71st live was totally different from the 1st one, I think. However, my mind hasn’t changed at all.

 As your mind didn’t waver, your sound became more powerful, right?

 Yeah, maybe so. You might think I shouldn’t say that myself, but I think I could understand this time why the GazettE is loved so much by people.

 That is interesting.

Before, to be loved by people was just my honor. However, now I am able to grasp our happy situation, and foreign fans are increasing, and we can do good lives with fans wherever we go in Japan as well. Now I can say by myself that “I can understand your feeling that you love the GazettE! Because they are cool, right?”.(laugh)

 As we often say that people who can’t love themselves can’t love others either, and I think it’s very important to recognize oneself in a real way and to love oneself.

Yes. I sincerely think that what we have done is not wrong at all.

 InGAZEROCK FESTIVAL IN SUMMER 08BURST INTO A BLAZE]], please show us such a confident overwhelming concert there too.

 By summer, I want to become more ‘a drummer’. More than just a player, I want to be a person who can hit drums well as an artist. I am going to keep that in mind from now on and move forward, working towards that goal.


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