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Glare vol.10

Magazine: Glare [グレア」
Month/Issue No.: Volume 10
Artists/ Bands: the GazettE (Kai & Reita), Nightmare, alice nine, LM.C, Merry, the studs, Girugamesh, SuG x SCREW, Versailles, Shojo-lolita23q, D'espairsRay (Karyu & ZERO) , NoGoD, Matenrou Opera, Nega, MELLO, BOUNTY, Lynch, Ruiza from D, Yura from Kra, Yuuki from An Cafe, and Nero from Merry.

-I only scanned the artist/band pages that were requested and a few others.

-If you want me to scan other artists/band pages, take a look at the contents page and make your request. I'll try to scan those pages as soon as possible, but it may take me a couple of days to post them here because, first of all, scanning/uploading takes time and I'm usually busy with work and other RL things. Please be understanding and patient O_~

-Keep in mind, that scanning, cropping, uploading all these scans took a lot of time from my part so please be courteous: DO NOT HOTLINK! And, if you post these scans in another place, PLEASE credit:devilish_alegna&jrock_scans

IMPORTANT NOTE: If for any reason some of the scan pages don't load, try clearing your Temporary Internet files/Cache from your computer first and load those pages again BEFORE asking me to reupload the scans. Thank you.

With all that said, enjoy the scans!

Contents Page

the GazettE

Back Cover

Fold-out Kai & Reita posters


Alice Nine



the studs







Matenrou Opera





Guitar Seminar: Ruiza from D

Bass Seminar: Yura from Kra

Keyboard Seminar: Yuuki from An Cafe

Drum Seminar: Nero from Merry

Glare song book: [NAKED LOVE] from Nightmare

Glare song book: [My heart leaps for "C"] from An Cafe

Glare song book: [冬のカスタネット] from Merry

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sankyuu xD wow i think i read my first ever Gaze article haha maybe cause it featured the only two members i like >,>

ah and i read A9 and Versailles

but thank you for sharing xD;